A Global Family

I belong to a global family. You may say you do too. You may assume I am speaking about the population of the whole world. You are correct about that assumption. We all belong to the global family, but I want to tell you about a very special global family. I belong to an international organization that behaves like a maternal family. There are some men who are members, but mostly we are women who dance together. The language of dance crosses all artificial boundaries. Therefore, if I travel to England or Japan, Australia or Sweden, Canada or Switzerland, I will dance the same moves as those members.

There are many such global organizations. With rapid advances in technology and growth in worldwide travel, all international groups can meet and communicate with ease.

I belong to MMM (Margaret Morris Movement). Who is Margaret Morris you ask? She was a pioneer in dancing barefoot at the beginning of the modernist movement in 1910. Yes, we are over a hundred years old and still practicing what she developed in her lifetime. The foundation of her dance theory is solid. In a unique and truly creative manner she developed exercises to help professionals and amateurs, young and old, able and disabled.

Nowadays we see the growth of many styles of dance and exercise that are a fusion of what has come before. Look at yoga. Margaret did. She incorporated hatha yoga breathing into her dance exercises. In my neighbourhood different styles of yoga practice are numerous and varied. They are offered at many locations including a fusion yoga studio. Fusion is what we do to grow and develop by combining what we have learned to move forward to experience something new.

Throughout the decades I have practiced MMM, I have learned about the body’s, and specifically my body’s, strengths and weaknesses. Membership in MMM has introduced me to people from all over the world who share a common interest. We cross not just international boundaries, but cultural and religious groups too. We are Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist. We did not join to meet a quota. Our common interest is a true and honest form of tolerance.

My joy is to continue to dance in life. Lately I’ve been introduced to other movements like NIA and Essentrics. I enjoy them too. I find they compliment my MMM dance, and like it, they, too, are a fusion. They have participants interested in improving their health and teachers who are dedicated to learning about the human body. I find it all very promising and positive for the global family.

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