Lost Items

The geography of my mind holds many items no longer in my possession. The most memorable item I’ve lost is a peaked cap – not just any old peaked cap – mine had the logo of the Waterfront Trail.


I like the simple design showing the three strata of the environment that the Waterfront Trail traverses around the Great Lakes: sky, earth, water. On the day I purchased the cap the sun was shining with pointillist light off Lake Ontario. When I lost the cap the sun was shining a pale light off the ocean below the cliffs of Dover.

The most recent item I’ve lost is a headband that I purchased on a trip to Iceland. I particularly liked its woolen texture made from Icelandic sheep. I lost it in Toronto. I feel like a migrating bird losing items with the same abandon they use dispensing seeds.


One thought on “Lost Items”

  1. This is lovely, Donna. I like how the “geography” of your mind leads to other geographies, sites of losses. Interesting how our objects find new homes:-) On one of my Bermuda trips, I lost a bracelet and a hat on separate occasions, both to the sea.

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