Fourth and last in a series of achieving a better lifestyle

My positive life experience is through an exercise and dance programme that is a fusion of movement and breathing at a level of discipline that feels comfortable for ongoing mental and physical fitness.
This discipline is over 100 years old.
It is called MMM (Margaret Morris Method).

I started with posture and balance, then barefoot dancing. Now I am moving on to mobility. Mobility uses the parts that join everything together; that is the smallest parts that connect the big parts. Mobility exercises benefit the whole body. In my piece on barefoot dancing you can continue the movement pictured by lifting the foot and rotating the ankle. Now you are mobilizing it. If you lift your leg and rotate the the hanging bottom part of the limb then you are mobilizing the knee. My favourite mobility exercise is Spinal Mobility. It can be done as a warm up starting with the hips and moving up to the shoulders. How many people experience problems with hips and shoulders as they grow older? Head and neck exercises, also developed by Margaret Morris, can help mobilize the heavy part that sits on top of your body.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class in MMM or attend a workshop you can see what exercises are done to piano pieces.

Margaret Morris developed MMM as a movement of exercises and dance for all ages and abilities. She started with classes for children in 1910. She continued to develop MMM for older children and adults. Some were trained dancers or athletes. Some were simply enthusiastic. Some were limited so she developed movement therapy. As I grow older my body remembers the positive effects of this healthy lifestyle. I am happy that I am able to continue to participate in MMM.

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