Pandemic Meals

I am fortunate to share meals during these COVID times with my new neighbours. Once the lockdown started the three of us started to eat together every night. This is something we all look forward to at the end of the day.

Here we are enjoying Caesar Salad, a favourite. My personal recipe for dressing uses olive oil and lemon juice. I make it in a wide wooden bowl which was a present from my late brother-in-law. He purchased it at the former craft store in Yorkville. When asked for the recipe I confess I don’t know the measurements because I base them on the size of the bowl and the number I’m feeding.

We have become adept at planning meals and taking turns shopping.

Saturday night cook

We live on the top, sixth floor, of a condo building. Nancy has totally renovated her kitchen. It is very modern, open concept, and large. She is happy to cook on Saturday nights as she works via zoom during the week. We invite the fourth resident, John, to join us. He is very grateful to be treated and shows his appreciation by bringing a bottle of wine. Sometimes he cooks for us or takes us out to restaurants when we’re allowed.

We share stories and have learned much about each other. John writes long notes of gratitude on New Yorker cartoons.

Reba often cooks during the week but, with the good weather, our favourite place to eat is on my balcony.

11 thoughts on “Pandemic Meals”

  1. What a lovely situation for you re meal sharing!
    Really enjoyed looking at the pictures.
    Love Janice

  2. Oh Donna, how lovely! I am so glad you have this “family” going up there. The meals look delish and your place is beautiful! Talk about making forced circumstances work wonders…

  3. What a delightful idea, Donna. Not only does this share the task of cooking, it does so in a way that you have enjoyable company with whom to share conversation. I’m delighted to know that your move to the 6th-floor condo has turned out so happily! Very best wishes from Viviana and me! We hope to host you here soon.

    1. Donna,
      Thank goodness that you’ve all had each other to stave off the boredom that has impacted so many of us during the pandemic. The meals sound great too!

  4. A great way to enjoy meals in the company of others during the pandemic. A twofold blessing.

  5. So nice to be able to see your wonderful circle of dinner (and more) friends after hearing of your goings- on for so long. What a silver lining for these difficult months. Long May you share! Thanks for the look/in. Mary

  6. So happy for you that you have company and delicious food to share. I look forward to visiting when we’re able

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