Shirley Anne Montgomery – maiden name

Shirley Palmer – married name

Women are used to name changes. Do you keep your maiden name? Do you change your last name when married?

Nominative Determinism is an offshoot of Carl Jung’s theory of a suggestive effect that names have on their subject. Would changing your name effect your character?

Do you know someone with the last name Rainbow? I recently saw that surname in the obituary section of the newspaper. My response was surprise as I was unaware of it as a proper name. As an author I might record that name to keep for future use. The character would be optimistic and hopeful.

My main character’s name is Shirley Anne Montgomery which is a amalgam of a character and an author, both well known in Canadian literature. She never grows old. Shirley Missed out on many adventures, but in the end, she missed out on growing old.

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Donna M. Wootton – Canadian Author